12 November 2019 / Club News

Walking Back To Happiness

Friday night at 5 o' clock 8th November freezing cold when we meet in the car park for our first Walking Rugby Festival over the mountain in Treorchy. Transport has been organised by Logistics Director Lyndon and we all squeeze into the mini bus. Paul Moon and Simon are picking up Monty straight from work and we are meeting our young coach Jack over there. Although he is in the Ospreys coaching staff he lives in Treorchy and is a pupil at Treorchy Comp.

We are all very quiet on the way over because we do not know what to expect. Clive and Simon have been to a few meetings but none of us have Walked before except in our own Thursday sessions. Are we doing it right? Should we be less physical? Jack and Joe have had a good laugh with us and ruled out rolling mauls but will we be reffed off the park.

Well we get there and change and get up the Treorchy Comp astro turf. There's Lawrence, Lyndon, Darren, Geraint, Ian, Jack, Jonny and me warming up with some passing shuttles watching what the other sides are doing and how they are looking. Then Simon and Monty turn up and so does Billy Buses and we are a full 10 or is it 11?.

There are 11 sides entered and we have just over an hour to play so the pitch is carved up into 5 equalish sections with 1 team in each section and the other 6 rotate around them guaranteeing every side 6 games and a rest. The games last 8 minutes wth a 2 minute rest. 8 players on the paddock with 2 rolling subs.

Before we know it off we go against a very experienced and physical Cambrian. It is an absolute cracker that we win 2 to 1 with our midfield Geraint, Darren, Jonny and Jack working wonders and Ian, Lawrence and Lyndon shutting down the wings.

It is all a bit congested so we all change to 7 on and 3 rolling subs and the games come thick and fast. Monty is a revelation, Lawrence is Josh Adams and Jack is delighted that we outplayed the Treorchy Comp staff team. 

We all go back to the Lion afterwards for sausage and chips and the socialising bit and everyone agrees that it was a fantastic night, great fun, well organised and refereed and we cannot wait for the next Festival.

We are now going to train Tuesdays in the Hall and Thursdays up the field and the big big dividend is that the club is buzzing every Thursday. The village is too small to run regularJunior teams and Youth teams but at last we have found another regular playing group. So Fear the Walking Not Dead Yets or better still come and join us 

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